Honest Review Of Our Hosting Plan

We received many emails asking about our hosting plan. So, we thought it would be best if we’d write an article about its honest review. While moving from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, we have opted for the AGM Web Hosting Plan

AGM Web Hosting is a hosting provider from Nepal. It is providing hosting services to websites from many countries, including India and the USA. 

Topics we’ll be discussing:

web hosting plan
Web hosting plan

Why did we choose AGM Web Hosting Plan?

The main reason we chose AGM Web Hosting was because of its cheap price and wonderful customer reviews. 

Initially, we were all set to choose Bluehost. But, after going through its customer reviews at the last moment, we realized Bluehost might not be the best for us. Also, we weren’t prepared to pay $5.95 per month for a shared hosting plan. 

One of my friend, Ravi, had also started his account in wordpress.org recently. So, we asked him about his hosting plan and its performance. He said he had chosen AGM Web Hosting and was satisfied with its quality.

As we didn’t want to think too much then, we decided to go for AGM Web Hosting (of course, after reading its online reviews). We were shocked to see how lows its price was.

If the image is unclear, then please feel to view it from here.

It’s almost been a month now that we have opted for our hosting plan. Though it’s hard to judge having used for only one month, we have tried our best to provide the pros and cons of using AGM Web Hosting:

Pros of AGM

Cheap – It is cheaper than most web hosting plans.

Best response team – AGM has the best response team we have seen for a company. We have had a few issues as we are from a non-technical background. AGM’s staffs were cooperative and willing to help us right on the spot. 

Live example: We had mistakenly edited our DNS server without any knowledge of it. It had led our site to crash, so visitors were unable to visit our blog at that time. We then contacted one of the live chat members of AGM. He went through our blog thoroughly and fixed it right after that. It must have taken him more than half an hour to help us. 

This shows no matter, some companies are willing to put their customers first. How many hosting providers would have tried to help us on such an individual level? 

Customer-oriented – This is in addition to the last point. As AGM doesn’t have as many customers as other providers, it is able to focus on its customers individually. We have got personalized services, which we all look for, don’t we?

Cons of AGM

Site loading speed – Sometimes, our site has taken more time to load than it should have taken. After researching, we learned that one of the factors in determining the loading speed of a site depends on our hosting provider. As AGM is a relatively new company, this issue must have occurred.

Solution: We then downloaded a plugin called Autoptimize. It has helped our site to load much faster now. 

Reliability? – As AGM doesn’t have too many customers, some people might question its reliability. But after reading the customer reviews and also from our own experience, we have had no such issues. 


Overall, in our opinion, AGM Web Hosting is a bargain of a deal. You get similar services for what you have to pay a lot more money in case of other web hosting providers. If cost is a major concern for you, then AGM should be your first priority. 

Please feel free to visit the AGM website from here – AGM Web Hosting

7 thoughts on “Honest Review Of Our Hosting Plan

  1. Heyi, thanks for this post. I guess I am a bit late, I already bought from hostinger but having problem installing it. If I may ask how did you transfer your content to WordPress.Org? Is there any shortcut or you did it manually post by post? Please help me with that. Thanks


    1. Hello Nikhar! I was also facing the same problem. But thanks to google, I searched about how to transfer content from .com to wordpress.org and I watched some of the videos. It was from the tools section but please confirm it from youtube.


  2. Hi Kiran, I also started out my blog just 2 months ago. I am planning to have my own domain. I am considering to choose AGM as you explained about its benefit. Thanks for helping me out.


    1. Hello Robert,
      I am glad you are going to buy the domain. I suggest AGM because it responds quickly to the customer problems. Besides there are lots of advantage as mentioned in the article. Hopefully, you would be running your own site soon. Cheers! 🙂


  3. Have been searching for good hosting service since a long time. And this was really helpful. Now, I might go with AGM after doing a little more research from my side 🙂


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