MAJOR UPDATE: Going To Stop Writing About Investments

From this week on, we won’t be writing about investments anymore. We are replacing the investments section with a new niche. It’s a niche that I’m sure you will love as it’s closely related to personal development.

Topics we’ll be covering:

major update

Why are we going to stop writing about investments?

The main reason is that I don’t think I’ve acquired a further deeper knowledge where I can give investment advice to you. I have already shared the basic terms, requirements, and experience throughout my investment journey. I myself am only starting out in this field – I have been investing for almost 2 years now. So when I myself have a lot to learn further, I don’t think I am capable enough to advise people deeply on their investments. I believe the “big investment sites” do a much better job to help in your investing journey than I do. They have experienced, professional investors writing for them. 

I have listed down a few sites, which will be of great help to you – Investopedia, Get Rich Slowly, and The Simple Dollar. I have gained great knowledge from these investment sites, and I’m sure you will feel the same way if you visit them.

Likewise, investing differs from country to country. While my advice and tips may provide you a general understanding, you won’t get the specifics from my blog. I am unable to help you solve your particular investing problem that is related to your country only. 

For instance, the rules and regulations for the New York Stock Exchange (USA) differ with that of the Bombay Stock Exchange (India). These countries have their own protocols and procedures. Also, people from different parts of the world have different lifestyles and income levels. These differences mean that they will have investment choices particular to their country. 

As our readers are from different parts of the world, I don’t want to provide investment tips for a specific country only. If I do so, then I would be excluding most of our wonderful readers. However, I have already included all the common requirements in the investment field which is applicable irrespective of the country.

Having said so, I am still inspired to write about investments as I was when I was starting this blog. I will throw in an article from time to time where I will be discussing my recent investing mistakes, and help you avoid them. 

If not investments, then what next?

We thought about this a lot. If not investments, then what should we write about? 

We reviewed all our past articles, where we got the idea for our next niche. We noticed that we had been writing a lot of posts related to non-fiction books. As we have already started writing about a few books, then why not continue writing about them more? 

Few of them are listed below:

So we have decided that we would be writing about ‘Non-fiction Book Reviews, where we would be reviewing and summarizing one book per article. 

Why did we choose it?

Besides the reason that we have already written a few book reviews, there are other reasons too. I love reading books, specifically non-fiction books. On average, I read about one book every week. While reading, I tend to make a lot of notes. After finishing the book, I review my notes and summarize them. 

This habit has been a miracle for me as I am able to grasp a lot from every book I read. As it has benefitted me so much, I would love to share this knowledge with you as well. I won’t bore you out with my entire 5 pages of notes (sometimes even more). I will instead provide you with only the main points that you can apply right then. 

Similarly, non-fiction books and personal development go together. We develop ourselves by reading books. Once we start our development process, we get encouraged to read even more. This process keeps ongoing.

Final words

We would like to thank you so much for understanding the situation and being a prominent reader of our blog. Also, apologies from our side for the inconvenience we might have made for you, with a sudden change of niche.

6 thoughts on “MAJOR UPDATE: Going To Stop Writing About Investments

  1. Hi Kiran,

    Looking forward to your book reviews. I’ve started reading Atomic Habits, and it’s wonderful! Definitely a good follow up to The Power of Habit.

    Good luck!


  2. i am so happy and grateful for your transparency. As a new blogger myself, I have been busy learning more about investments because you cannot write about what you don’t know. I am a Christian and so the other thing that I blog about is inspirational things. Well, if i am not inspired, I cannot write anything inspirational! So I understand the change. Thank you for not giving up on blogging which could have been another option. By the way, I won an IG contest a few weeks ago and the prize was a book, guess what I got? THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR!


    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Yes, I feel very inspired when I visit the blog that has inspiring thoughts. And as you said, we have to be inspired to write about it.

      Thanks a bunch for leaving your thoughts! Also, congratulations for winning the IG contest. I am more than glad that you won THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR! You are going to unlock the hidden treasures from the book! Happy reading. 🙂


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