The Importance Of Realistic Life Goals- Guest Post

I was a kid who wanted the world. From the best education to the most outstanding outfit, however, all within a carefully sewn together set of terms and conditions called Real Life.

This is Dr. Mnnat Gill and I welcome you to my blog. As the prefix suggests I’m a doctor and one who likes to go out on rants and hence my blog Adult mess ( brought into this world.

Growing up, we all feel like we’re something special. Like something awe-inducing is waiting for us out there and the minute we step into our adult lives we’ll be reaching the stars and nothing less. Believe me, I’m the last person who advocates “settling” and for some of us mediocrity is just not a choice. At the same time, not falling into wishful thinking and being mindful of how high we can actually aim without falling flat on our face is an art waiting to be perfected.


Quite a simple answer, for peace of mind. It’s important to be real with ourselves about our own strengths and weaknesses. Yes, aim for the stars and all but do we have the required skill set for that job or the career we imagine ourselves to be in. Sometimes, we want something solely because we see another human finding happiness from that specific life choice. So are we after the job position or the enviable joy?

Setting realistic but high goals and in turn, smashing them is good for the mental health. What’s not good is the hit that our self worth takes when we try for something we are not equipped to handle. Can we ask a plumber to build furniture for our home?


  1.  Timed introspection: Knowing what you want comes from knowing yourself. Sit with yourself and really inquire what you want from life. Everyone has a uniquely different list. No, I’m not talking about property and material possessions, I mean what you really want your life to look like once you have one foot in your grave. These must be repeated regularly to reward yourself for climbing another step on the ladder and to check the progress of how the big picture is coming along.
  2.  Trial and error: Once the first step is done, chalk out the initial plan to achieve it. However, do not forget that this is the practical step and the one before was a theoretical one and there is bound to be a difference. I mean to say give it your best shot but when you find yourself to be a piece of a different puzzle, find your puzzle box first and then your place in it.
  3.  Belief: Go for something big enough to seem like the perfect dream but not high enough to be out of your reach in this lifetime. Never let small setbacks get you down. You have to persevere through the pressure to turn out shining bright like a diamond. On the days when nothing is going right, let belief be your greatest weapon.
  4.  Forgive yourself: This goes along with belief. You are only human and if you are unable to make some of your childhood dreams come true, forgive yourself and keep moving forward. Sometimes things are beyond our capabilities despite putting in our best effort but that is why we live in a community. There will be someone else better suited for the job.


As soon as possible. Start now if you can! The sooner you know where or what you are a unique asset to, the longer you have to hone your skill set.

Hope this was helpful. This is just a zeitgeist of a more extensive concept, a conversation on which is always welcome on my blog or over email (

– M

7 thoughts on “The Importance Of Realistic Life Goals- Guest Post

  1. No matter what I’m doing on any given day I will end up spending much of it writing. I love it, all aspects of it. All different types of writing are enjoyable; technical, fiction, poetry, history, whatever it happens to be. I really like the quote about puzzle pieces. Sometimes we can spend so long trying to put finish a puzzle we don’t have the pieces for! Moving on to find the right puzzle is ok!

    Forgiving ourselves is also important. Easy in theory, often difficult in practice.

    Thank you for the reminder. 😊


    1. It is so pleasure to hear about your dedication towards writing. You shouldn’t stop writing no matter how you spend the day. Your realistic goals to inspire people with your writing obviously helps to march the successful steps.
      Thank you for sharing your words with us! 🙂


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