2 Books That Completely Changed My Life

Hasn’t our living style changed drastically with modernization? Having spare time is like a fantasy for most of us. Long hours of jobs and merging ourselves into research fields and schooling has dominated our 24/7. Earlier, I had no world besides schooling. I remember it was July 2018, when I visited the school library and saw a book called ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. I went there to issue my course books. But due to some reasons, I ended up borrowing The 7 Habits book.

My Daily Routine During This CoronaVirus Pandemic

Motivation Around Me At times, I feel discouraged while accomplishing my goals. Do you also feel the same? I approached a new technique to avoid my discouragement. It is sticking quotes that motivates me to strive for achieving my goals. You can stick it wherever you feel is the place you visit the most. For me, my cupboard is the best one as my study table is right besides it.