The End – Guest Post

Before I begin, I must thank Kiran and Jenesh, founder of the Proinvestivity website. It’s all about personal growth including tips for financial growth from scratch.

Let me introduce myself. I am Simon from the southernmost land of India. Yes, that’s my native. I am a blogger, an NBFC corporate employee and I write life lessons, short stories, funny, scary, emotional and if you want to know more I have written a book, and it’s available for free, I named it as “Alex” click My Book and get your free copies, and share your review, and don’t forget to link my blog Penonsite, I’ll be glad to read your reviews.

Today I’m going to write about a sensitive topic, being a sadistic thriller story maker, I’m afraid to talk about this topic too. The goosebumps I get, it’s part of nature, let’s not drag this too much, the topic I’m going to write about is “Death”

Irony is 99% of death content we read are written by people that is still alive.

Topics included:

guest post - ending

What is death, who brings death?

Grim reaper is a fictional icon, death is a non fictional action, but a fictional knowledge. So Grim Reaper is said to be the official founder, CEO, and handles all departments single handedly. Man, he is damn skilled to do that all by himself. But is it a Him? or Her? Not the right time to fight about that, Forget it.

The truth is….

Let me tell you a hard truth about it, Grim reaper was created by a living person, all the articles about death you have read before was also created by a living person, so before you read and get goose bumps and believing all the so called myth and facts, remember, while reading about death or Grim Reaper, there is a live person laughing at you.

Can I Not Care about it?

Can I not care about death? And live without thinking about it? It won’t work. I must have that fear. Fear is the beginning of everything. The day a human is afraid of starving to death, eating becomes mandatory. To not to die from eating anything, discovered good foods, and likewise human creation and discoveries began and a lot of changes happened on earth. If one had never thought of death or had a fear of death nothing would have formed, and I call it the intelligence of starving, or maybe I can say just intelligence without a purpose. But whatever we do, death is unavoidable, no matter where you are, what you discover. Something deadlier and strong always comes out, have you ever thought about Corona? Death comes in any way, this time it’s invisible and it spreads faster.

Death happens every day

Death happens, and it’s been happening now, happened then and it will keep on happening. It’s part of nature, we wanted rain, we wanted sun, we wanted moon, we wanted everything from nature but accepting natural action is not so easy. you know why? we are human, unlike other creatures we have feelings and we care about another life and will go to a larger extent to save a life too. We always wish people to stay alive, but sadly that’s not going to happen, and it will be hard to accept the reality, and the emotional pain we go through is inevitable.

What is the best advice to beat death?

Nothing, there is no cure for death, but there is a way you can try to extend your life by stopping some bad habits and adapting a healthy food lifestyle. As I said before, it’s unpredictable, and it can happen anytime, let it happen as it wants, let’s not call it by having bad habits and eating unhealthy foods.

Our purpose

Live this moment.

This moment matters the most. Death is inevitable, so no matter who you are, where you are, and what you are. You or me or no one can assure your next moment. So pack up all the overthinking, It’s time, NOW is the time to do what you like, talk what you like, and spread some love, be kind instead of running behind money, run behind the time.

Live like today is the last day.

Thanks for reading!

For more life lessons, visit my page and choose Life Soup and happy reading!

4 thoughts on “The End – Guest Post

  1. “Irony is 99% of death content we read are written by people that is still alive.” This made me laugh out loud. πŸ˜†

    Thank you for sharing and writing about such a sensitive topic. πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, for sure most of the people who are alive write about the death, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      It’s my pleasure! Also, thanks a bunch for reading this sensitive but also realistic topic.


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