16,000 Views In 4 Months!? Never Thought It Was Possible…

Even we are stunned to see 16,000 views within the first 4 months. We had kept a goal of 1,000 views per month – 4,000 views in 4 months. It feels surreal to achieve our goal in such a wonderful manner.

I would like to take this moment to thank you for visiting our blog and making your time to read our posts. Without readers like you, we would have long quitted blogging. 

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surprised to see so many views
Even we are surprised!

So, how did we do it?

Sharing our personal experiences

We’ve realized one crucial aspect to attract more readers – write as personally as possible. We could have finished our articles by copy-pasting the general contents we find in others’ websites. 

While doing so would lead to a quick work for us, it would certainly mean that we would not get any readers. Why should anyone read from our blog when they can read the same article from a different website? 

This is where the personal touch comes into play. Writing our personal experiences have been helping us provide a unique perception. So we are able to connect with our readers on a personal level. 

We are constantly learning and experiencing about investing and personal development. So we are able to include our personal experience in our articles side by side. 

For instance, I have shared my personal development journey so far to help you relate with, and hopefully, you would start your own journey if you haven’t. And my friend, Jenesh, shared how he lost over 30% in his first investment

As time goes by, we will continue to provide as many personal experiences as possible. We hope that you would take away the positive parts, and avoid the mistakes we make.

Scheduled posts

Another key identity we try to set for our blog is through our scheduled posts. Since the beginning, we have been following a precise schedule for our blog. On Fridays, we post about Personal Development, and on Saturdays, we post about Investments.

These scheduled posts have helped not only us to stay on track, but also to our readers as they can expect an article every Friday and Saturday. You don’t have to guess on which day we’ll be posting.

Covering important niches

One of the reasons we chose to write about investments and personal development was because of their increasing demand. Both of these subjects have made great strides nowadays. So, people are very willing to learn about them.

We then combined our passion with the current demand. If we had blogged about different niches than the ones we are doing, then our blog views would have been very different. 

Mistakes we made along the way (don’t make them!)

Not starting with a self-hosting domain

While starting this blog, we were uncertain about how long we wanted to do blogging. We thought we would do it only for a few weeks, and then leave it. So we started with a free Wordpress.com site. 

But we found blogging so fulfilling especially because of such a lively community here that we did not want to leave this platform. Hence, we moved to a self-hosting domain and transferred from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

Thinking back, it would have been much easier had we chosen self-hosting domain from the get-go. We consumed a lot of time while transferring our blog.

Tip: If you know that you want to blog for a long time, then we suggest you choose the self-hosting domain. You will have much more control over your site, and be able to use plugins as well. And also not to mention your site monetization process becomes easier.

P.S. As many of you had asked earlier as well regarding our hosting plan, we have taken our plan from AGM Web Hosting. We have also written its review – Honest Review Of Our Hosting Plan

Unaware about SEO early on

It was quite late that we learned about SEOs and their benefits. For the first few articles, we wrote without focusing on SEO. We used words based on what we thought was good rather than what should be there. This meant that Google didn’t rank our site properly.

But once we understood the basics of SEO, we can’t seem to get over it!

The bottom line 

Despite having never thought, we were able to get over 20,000 blog views in 4 months. We feel proud to be writing our articles for you. We hope that our posts have in some way made a positive difference in your life. 

If you learned something and enjoyed reading this article, then please consider sharing this with your wonderful friends as well. Thank you so much!

18 thoughts on “16,000 Views In 4 Months!? Never Thought It Was Possible…

  1. Wow, very insightful! Especially for the inspiration it provides with my own blog; created at first for writing practice, but am now wanting to experiment with SEO practice as well. I find myself struggling about writing something that’s personal, in a way that I can include the different variables needed for the rankings.


    1. Thank you Kevin!

      As you mentioned, you could try for SEO. It is really worthy knowing about it. Yeah, including different variables would increase your ranking that could help to spread your wonderful writings to the readers.


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